Production Staff

Tim Phillips - Executive Producer/Director/Co-Writer

Tim, an award winning producer, director, and writer and one of the owners of Rock Creek Productions, Inc., has nearly 20 years of experience delivering film, videotape, and interactive multimedia products to a diverse range of customers including broadcast, commercial, government, and corporate clients. He is an accomplished writer, having scripted programs on diverse subjects ranging from the ancient world to counterterrorism, from to children’s programs to emergency management, from nutrition to fine art and he is currently writing his first novel. Tim sailed on the SS United States as a young boy and has held a life-long interest in the vessel.

Mr. Phillips has won numerous industry awards for his video and multimedia production and scripting work, including Telly Awards, Videographer Awards, Communicator Awards, Vision Awards, and others.

A complete list is included as part of his resume.

Steve Agnew - Director of Photography

Founder of Rock Creek Productions, Inc., Steve is an award winning cinematographer, director, and editor. He has nearly 20 years of experience creating linear and interactive programming for documentary, broadcast, commercial, governmental, and corporate clients, and he has over seven years of experience editing video programs using both traditional linear and digital non-linear systems.

Efficient and knowledgeable, Steve uses his technical proficiencies to best advantage as he applies his understanding of the editing process to front-end development, budgeting, and production efforts.

As senior producer/director for a large training development company, Steve managed a production team who performed work for nearly every Cabinet level agency in the U.S. Government. His credits include over 100 linear and interactive programs, including broadcast and commercial documentaries. Mr. Agnew has won numerous industry awards for his videography and cinematography, including Videographer Awards, Telly Awards, and Communicator Awards.

A complete list is included as part of his resume.

Rachell Shapiro - Associate Producer

Rachell uses her training and years of hands-on experience to bring creativity, drive, organization, and conceptual ingenuity to her work.  She has a great deal of experience seeing projects from pre-production through post; having produced videos for Montgomery County Public Schools, co-produced local TV programming with American Media Productions, and is currently producing various projects for Rock Creek Productions.

Presently with Rock Creek, she writes and edits scripts; coordinates pre-production logistics; develops story ideas; manages on-set production; auditions and casts talent; assists senior editors, and manages post-production schedules. The clients range from various government branches to private corporations.

She is presently managing and co-producing the Big U project including: conducting all on-camera interviews, coordinating production shoots, forging partnerships with major contributors, co-writing grant proposals, conceptualizing scripting efforts, developing web content, conducting research, communicating with the press and managing the contact database.

Kiley Kraskouskas - Associate Producer/ Researcher

Kiley infuses her documentary work with sharp analytical, research, and creative skills that she has developed over four years of graduate training in social science research and academia.  She capitalizes on this expertise to shape the pre-production and conceptual aspects of documentary filmmaking.  She conducts historical and sociological research to inform and conceptualize documentary storytelling.  Calling on her extensive background in qualitative research methods, she illuminates biases in the documentary interview process and she develops novel interview methods to circumvent this bias.  

Prior to her work on the S.S. United States project she played a major role as an associate producer in a documentary, Technostorks, a film examining the emotional aspects of in vitro fertilization as experienced by three couples. She also has a Master’s degree in Sociology from New York University and has conducted an extensive interview study of surrogate mothers.

Kendra Pasker - Senior Editor

Kendra is an accomplished, creative, and award-winning editor.  She is a master of the digital, non-linear environment of the Avid Adrenaline/Avid Media Composer and its relationships to the graphical compositing program After Effects.  

Kendra has edited a variety of programs, including independent and documentary films, locally and nationally broadcast television programs, and a variety of training, marketing, commercial, and promotional videotapes.  She continually displays a flair for juxtaposition and developing intuitive and interesting special effects and graphical applications.  

Kendra is Rock Creek’s senior editor.  She has won numerous industry awards for her editing work, including Telly Awards, Videographer Awards, and Communicator Awards.  A complete list is included as part of her resume.

Craig Hirshberg - Editor, Graphics, Web

Craig is a focused and ingenious graphics designer and DVD developer, with an eye toward engaging and functional interface layouts.  Craig is a highly technical individual, with aptitudes tending toward the hardware and software side, though he has a practiced eye for the aesthetic look of visual materials.

Craig's duties on this project include graphics and animation development, production support, and assisting the senior editor during postproduction, and developing and programming the DVD.