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Daniel Walkowitz, Ph.D. - Script Consultant/Co-Writer

Daniel Walkowitz is a professor at New York University where he is the Director of College Honors as well as teaching Social and Cultural Analysis and History.  In addition, he is Director of the Metropolitan Studies Program, which he has led since 1989.  He is an American social historian specializing in labor, urban and working-class history.  He has has authored over thirty articles, co-edited or authored five books, and produced three films.

As co-founder and co-Director of New York University's Graduate Program in Public History, he pioneered efforts to bring America's past to broad general audiences in film and video.  Mr. Walkowitz has received over $1 million in grants for his work, including monies from NEH.

He will co-write The Big U.  

Jane Brickman, Ph.D.

Professor of Humanities at Kings Point, the United States Merchant Academy.

Dr. Brickman teaches courses on American History and has written on the topic of women and minorities entering the military.

Richard Sennett, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology at MIT and the London School of Economics and is a widely read sociologist, his recent book The Culture of the New Capitalism addresses the erosion of craftsmanship in modern production.

Mark Crispin Miller, Ph.D.

Professor of media ecology in the Department of Culture and Communication at New York University who specializes in the history and tactics of advertising and writing.

William "Bill" Miller

Author of dozens of books on maritime history, including the S.S. United States, and is considered an international authority in the maritime field in addition to being a dynamic speaker.

SS United States Documentary Film - The Big U - The Story of the SS United States